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I'm Adam. I'm from Earth. I support inter-spatial relationships...

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  • My family
    Jessie Delaigle and Adam Gaskins had a child on July 30th, 2009AD. His name is Damien Ira Gaskins. He's a super awesome genius prodigy kid.

  • Computers
    My first computing experience that I can somewhat recall was a sumer computer program my parents got me in to as young child. The computers there were something closely resembling the Atari 800 Series (like this one, if my childhood memory serves me correctly). I was too young to remember much of those Atari's, but I knew I loved computers. In elementry school, long before I had ever heard the term 'hacker', I was always that kid getting in to things that I shouldn't have been in on the network. I don't think the people in my hometown grade-schools knew enough about computers to recognize the fact that I was clearly more advanced with coputers than my peers (it didn't help that in most other areas my grades were terrible, so I was not at all percieved as a smart kid). I just remember that I always seemed to irritate the lab instructor/system admin (and I use this term loosely, I don't think anyone in my school system really knew how to use the computers beyond running educational games from old 5 1/4" floppy disks). Althought I would use and abuse computers at school and friends houses whenever I could, my family didn't have a computer in the house until around the mid 90's. It was huge deal when we got it and I remember my dad had to work his butt off to pay for it this strange contraption he didn't really understand - but I guess he knew enough to see that computers would be a big part of the future. He bought us a Gateway Pentium 133Mhz system with something like 64mb of RAM and the latest in OS technology - Windows 95. Compared to the more common 486 machines with Windows 3.1, this was a pretty bad-ass system. I learned so much on this computer because of 3 simple key steps; 1) I would always explore 2) I would inevitably break things, and 3) I absolutely had to figure out how to fix it before my dad got home from work! I used this computer well beyond it's most useful years. During these years I discovered some interesting things in the computer world like file-sharing (mainly via IRC in those days), graphics, web-design, computer based music/recording and the wonders of open-source & Linux. Oddly (or not), all of those things are still large parts of my computer life. I immediately feel in love the altruistic philosophies of the open-source movement. I'm stil a huge fan of open-source and I believe the debate concerning open-source Vs. proprietary is much more important than people realize (I elaborate on my OSS views on this blog entry tag:OSS). For now I'll stop here and leave this as an historical account of my early computer experiences. If you want more current information on this topic you can check the 'Portfolio' section of the site to see what I've been up to.

  • Music
    I love most all good music. I realize that's a rediculously ambiguous and subjective way to describe my music tastes, but it's actually very specific; I love music in which someone put their actual piece of their soul in to. I think that narrows it down quite a bit! :) I could easily fill paragraphs here with my opinions and philosophies on music (everything from learning music to the downfall of the modern music industry), but I'll save that stuff for blog topics (see tag:Music on my blog).

  • Science / Philosophy (i.e. attempting to make sense of reality)
    I love learning things about how the world works. I don't know much in these fields, but they do seem incredibly interesting to me. I don't have the time to finish all the books I'd like to read, but I try to learn whenever I can, even if it's just reading about something new on wikipedia over lunch.

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